pfreeThere is always trouble with trying to purchase a home. You have to search for a property in a location that you desire and can live in for a long time. You then have to deal with real estate agents trying to manipulate you and tell you what they think you need to know. By the time you write your signature your head may already be spinning. If you go through the auction period then there’s the stress of trying to outbid other prospective buyers. However, there are some things that must be accomplished by former owners or the property owner before you can even get that far. One such process is absolutely vital for your health and well-being as well as the stability of the home: a pre-purchase pest inspection.

Basically, a pre-purchase pest inspection is when the house is examined for pests that can potentially damage the home beyond repair. Not only that, but some pests can endanger the residents and threaten their well-being. The pests that can be found, caught and eliminated can include dust mites and termites. A typical pre purchase termite inspection in Melbourne can take between one to two weeks so you likely won’t even notice it has taken place. As for the person or persons issuing the pre-purchase pest inspection, it needs to be completed before a contract becomes unconditional. That should usually be possible in all circumstances but sometimes you get scheduling difficulties.

There are multiple aspects that a pre-purchase pest inspection must accomplish. These are the aspects that will drive the process from start to finish. This ensures a steady and consistent schedule so that everything goes according to plan. It isn’t wise to deviate from the order of these processes because something can be missed. Mistakes are to the detriment of the owners and the real estate agent and have heavy consequences for both parties. Therefore, a typical pre-purchase inspection will involve the following:

– Determine evidence of timber pests. These timber pests are the main culprits in non-manmade damage to the property. This is also the step that absolutely cannot be missed. Otherwise what would be the point of the pre-purchase pest inspection?
– Determining the severity of any damage caused by the timber pests. Hopefully there is no damage but you can’t always be that lucky. By discovering and evaluating the damage you know what is required to fix up the house so that it can sell well.
– Determining how susceptible the house is to infestation. Timber pests will invade a property for a reason. Find out why that is and how likely infestation will be because of the cause.
– Performing the pest control in Bayside phase. Of course, the timber pests need to be eliminated. You will have to schedule someone perform that deed and a quote will need to be acquired after the process is complete.
A pre-purchase pest inspection is never unnecessary.

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