The systems on which air conditioners run are two, namely Split System Air Conditioner and single units. An example of the single unit is the window air conditioner. The split system conditioner features an indoor furnace unit. The split system conditioner also features an air conditioning condenser that is located right outside the home. When the split system conditioner develops problems, it is imperative that troubleshooting takes place immediately to resolve it. Therefore, any person who has installed the split system conditioner in his home needs to learn how to troubleshoot it without having to call a professional every time.

To troubleshoot such an air conditioning service in Adelaide, one needs some batteries, a hose and screwdrivers. The first step involves examining the circuit breakers. The circuit breakers that need a proper and thorough examination are located inside the unit as well as the compressor unit that is outside the home. A proper examination of the circuit breakers is highly advisable when the air conditioning system stops running or functioning as it should. Locate the circuit breaker for the inside unit within the home fuse box. Locate the circuit breaker for the compressor next to the unit. If the switch is flipped, turn it back on.

Always check the two units for loose, broken or burnt wiring. In fact, this is a common measure that technicians employ when undertaking air conditioning repairs. If the wiring is severely damaged, consider consulting a professional for a replacement. Always check the thermostat. Ideally, the thermostat should be at a much cooler temperature than the room it should be cooling. If the thermostat is not set at a cooling temperature, expecting it to cool the room would be an exercise in futility. Always inspect the thermostat to check if its display features are functioning properly. Switch the batteries in case the thermostat appears to lack adequate power.

Do not forget to check the air filters located within the inside unit. Check if the filters are full of dust and debris. Where necessary, consider replacing the filters. If unsure how to replace the filters filled with debris and dust, hire an expert in air conditioning installation. Before replacing the filters, look at their sides, obtain the right model number, and use it to order for replacements. Removing the air filters is quite easy and only requires unclipping them right from the main unit. Replace the damaged or malfunctioning split system air conditioner in Adelaide by clipping back the fresh supply right where the older ones were initially located.

Lastly, never bring the troubleshooting session to an end without checking the coils located within the outside unit. If the outside unit experiences overheating, unscrew the casing’s top, and lift its cover. Unplug the air conditioner before proceeding to remove any of the parts. In certain air conditioners, the fan is one with the cover. Therefore, be careful when lifting the cover to avoid damaging the fan. If leaves are found in the air conditioner, find a way of removing them before cleaning with a water hose. Do not forget to get rid of any debris located on the outside of the internal and external unit as well.

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