Tree removal services differ in terms of costs depending on several factors. Many people prefer removing trees without hiring professional arborists for the work because they want to save money. This would not be a bad idea for somebody who knows what to do and has the right tools as well as experience. If the owner decides to do the work himself, he shall spend a very small amount of money. However, he might discover that he takes more time to remove the tree successfully and properly, as he should. On the other hand, hiring a professional shall always raise the cost of tree stump removal in Brisbane.


The size of the tree determines how much is to be paid on removing the tree. In this case, size refers to the height or length. A very tall tree requires more expertise, better tools and equipments to remove. It takes more time to remove a very tall tree. Therefore, expect the costs to be much higher when in need of the removal services to get rid of a very tall tree. On the other hand, when dealing with a much shorter tree, the costs of removal shall be much smaller. Always send the arborists proper and accurate details regarding the size of the trees top be removed, paying close attention to the height.

Check the condition in which the tree is in, as this has a major bearing on the amount of money to pay for its removal. A healthy and strong tree requires a lot of effort and expertise to remove. On the other hand, a dying or dead tree requires less effort to remove. Therefore, paying more to remove a healthy and strong tree is a normal occurrence. Paying less to remove a dying or dead tree is also normal. Do not allow the arborist to determine the cost of removing the tree before he checks its condition. If he charges an unreasonable figure for removing a dying or dead tree, do not be afraid to ask for a proper estimate and let him know that the tree is weak.

The diameter of the tree has a prominent role to play in terms of the cost tree lopping in Brisbane Northside. Normally, when dealing with a shorter but thicker tree or tree stump, expect to pay more for its removal. When dealing with a much taller yet slimmer tree or tree stump, do not be surprised to pay a much smaller fee for its removal. This is why the arborist should never give an estimate before stepping on the property. He must only issue an estimate after examining the tree in terms of size and diameter. The arborist should also check the tree stump in person and take its measurements in terms of height and diameter before issuing any estimate.

Finally, the location also has a very important role to play in determining the cost of removing each tree. If the removal services are needed for a very remote location, expect to pay high fees. If the removal services are needed in a location full of electrical power lines and other very sensitive or potentially dangerous facilities, expect to pay more. A tree that is located far from houses and other human obstacles or roads and power lines, requires less fees or money to remove. When the removal specialist determines that his liability goes up, he shall charge more for the removal services.